Prof. Dr. Aimery de Gramont

Prof. Dr. Aimery de Gramont az MKOT tiszteletbeli tagja, a párizsi Saint-Antoine Kórház belgyógyászati-onkológiai tanszékvezető professzora.

Prof. Dr. Aimery de GramontProf Aimery De Gramont angol nyelvű életrajza:

Dr. Aimery de Gramont is Professor of Oncology since 1993 and Head of the Oncology Department since 2002.

Dr. de Gramont earned his MD degree from the Faculty of Medicine in Paris, France and subsequently served an internship residency at Paris Hospitals and a residency at Laval University in Quebec, Canada.

He serves as Chairman of the GERCOR multidisciplinary cancer research group and is a member of the French Cancer Society, French Internal Medicine Society, American Sociery of Clinical Oncology, and European Society for Medical Oncology. Dr. de Gramont is co-Chairman of the scientific board of the International Society of Gasrrointestinal Oncology and was a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Clinical Oncology. He has authored or coauthored more than 200 journal articles and been an invited speaker in more than 30 countries.

Dr. de Gramont’s fundamental and preclinical research has focused primarily on the fields of cytogenetics, molecular biology, targeted therapies and adoptive immunotherapy, specifically in the areas of hematologic cytogenetics, cellular membranes in nocturnal paroxystic hemoglobinuria, activated macrophage adoptive immunotherapy, development and modulation of antimetabolites, and preclinical drug development. His clinical research has involved mainly haematology, gastro-intestinal and ovarian cancer therapy. He is team leader of the Group of Cancer Biology and Therapeutics, INSERM U8106 and Université Pierre et Marie Curie, (23 persons) since 2005.

As a member of GERCOD and GERCOR, Dr. de Gramont has played a pivotal role in a colon cancer program that has included 7 first-line phase II, 13 second-line phase II, 5 first-line phase III, and 2 adjuvant studies involving almost 6000 patients since 1984. He has served as chairman or cochairman on >20 different protocols.

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